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WAYNE — New districting has changed the representation in the West Virginia House of Delegates with three vieing for the Republican nomination of House District 28 on May 10.

Incumbent Republican Josh Booth will compete to keep his seat against Republicans Mark Ross and Greg Shamblin.

The winner will face Democrat David Thompson November.

Booth has been busy making rounds throughout the campaign season with donations to county schools and sports teams.

He is an avid agriculture supporter and hopes to continue his work for Wayne County if he wins the seat.

“I want to keep the good work going here in Wayne County,” Booth said. “We have really made way by expanding agriculture in schools and in the county and I want to help pushing that momentum forward.”

Booth said there is legislature passed that will help farmers, and that he hopes to get even more moved through if he returns to the seat.

Though Booth was appointed to the seat versus being elected last election, he said that doesn’t change his dedication to the county.

“I was able to see and be a part of some great things in the legislature, and I want to continue the work I started,” Booth said.

Mark Ross has tried for a chance in the House of Delegates the last few elections, where he previously served in the past. He said he hopes Wayne County will vote him in as their voice — because it is needed.

He said he isn’t interested in a political career, he is interested in Wayne County.

“I want to serve as your delegate. I have no desire to run for any other county or state office. Many times this seat has been used as a starting place in order to run for another position and the voice we need is Charleston is not there because the person holding this seat wants to advance his or her own political desires or serves as a yes man for the governor and special interests,” Ross said. “The citizens of Wayne County are my special interest.”

Ross said he is willing to put the work in for the county.

“Together, we can make Wayne County a better place. However, it is going to require a delegate who is willing to ask tough questions and not serve as a rubber stamp for either political party. I will never look to another delegate or special interest group to decide how to cast my vote.”

Candidate Shamblin could not be contacted as of press time and did not return a candidate questionnaire.

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