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Due to redistricting, each Wayne County district was changed to numbered values as well as decreased from five to four magisterial districts. Wayne County is now classified as District 1-4.

To find your district, below is polling places classified into districts 1-4. For the location of your polling place, please see the map titled Wayne County, WV 2021 Districts.


12 Ceredo Town Hall

13 Kenova Vol. Fire Dept.

20 Kenova Vol. Fire Dept.

21 Kenova Vol. Fire Dept.

56 Spring Valley Vo-Tech. (front)

59 Kellogg Elem.

60 Vinson Middle Sch. (Café)

61 Old Westmoreland Middle Sch.

63 Old Westmoreland Middle Sch.


14 Buffalo Elem. (North End Gym)

16 Kenova Vol. Fire Dept.

17 Buffalo Elem. (Café)

19 Bison Center

22 Lavalette Women’s Club

57 Lavalette Fire Dept.

62 Spring Valley Vo-tech (front)


01 Fort Gay Pre-K — 8 (Café)

02 Fort Gay Pre-K — 8 (Café)

03 Prichard Elem. (Café)

05 Prichard Elem. (Café)

06 Fort Gay Pre-K — 8 (Gym)

18 Prichard Elem. (Gym)

30 Genoa Elem. (Gym)

31 Thompson Center

34 Crum Pre K — 8

37 Crum Pre K — 8

38 Dunlow Elem. (Gym)

45 East Lynn Elem. (Café)


36 Dunlow Elem. (Gym)

41 East Lynn Elem. (Café)

42 Eldon Perry Store

48 Lavalette Fire Station

49 Lavalette Elem. (Café)

50 Wayne Middle Sch. (Café)

51 Wayne Comm. Center

52 Crockett-Booten Fellowship Hall

53 Wayne High School (Café)

54 Wayne Comm. Center

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