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WAYNE — One full year ago, Park and Lacy Ferguson opened the doors to Twelvepole Trading Post in celebration of Small Business Saturday. Today, The Post has seen growth beyond measure.

Lacy said one of the biggest successes of the shop is the ability to provide jobs to locals, a place to sell for vendors and share values with like-minded people in Wayne County.

“Our biggest successes are the seven humans we’ve been able to provide meaningful work for,” she said. “The 30 or so vendors who have a place to sell their wares and farm goods, and like-minded community members who value what we value and have become great friends through frequent interactions at the market.”

What began as a once-a-week stop for local produce and other locally sourced items has now grown to be open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Post offers a large variety of items from about 30 vendors, including a gift shop that stocks products made from local and small businesses; a grocery section stocked with local meats, produce, jams and jellies; wellness products that include supplements, teas and self care; and a selection of craft beer, West Virginia cider and wine.

The Post also features an on-site coffee shop and bakery where everything is made from scratch and is slowly expanding the seasonal food menu for lunch, dinner and catering.

“It’s been said to us that opening up a small business in Wayne is going to be a challenge, selling produce to people in an area where folks know how grow gardens might also be an uphill battle, and launching in the middle of a global pandemic is outright insane — but, we’ve managed,” Lacy said. “We’ve more than managed, thanks to our awesome team that breaths life into this dream daily, and our community of supporters who see the vision we have for a Wayne County where there’s opportunity for growth, expansion, and the ability to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself.”

Lacy said the mentality behind growing Twelvepole Trading Post was simple — slow and steady.

“We took on this project slow and steady. We were only open one day weekly for several months, and when the time was right, we slowly expanded, adding to the Trading Post as we saw and heard the need from our community,” Lacy said. “Adding in the most recent element of lunch and dinner options, in addition to the made-from-scratch bakery items, has been a real boost for business!”

Not only has the business seen growth in products and customers, the Post has physically grown as well.

“When we launched on Small Business Saturday, just after Thanksgiving last year, we were occupying just one room in Doc’s office (the former business in the building), with zero staff,” Lacy said. “Our footprint now takes over the whole building and we are a staff of seven plus a few more volunteers. We also have way more to offer of customers.”

Moving forward, Lacy said the Post is always in refinement mode.

“We aim to do what we’re currently doing everyday, just better and more efficient,” she said. “Beyond that, we realize there’s a demand for real, wholesome food that we aim to help fill.”

The community can expect to see even more growth in the future, with the Fergusons planning to push harder to integrate themselves into the community as a fixture.

“Folks can expect to see our list of ready-to-eat and takeout foods expand in the coming months, more vendors to join our market, more hard-to-find natural grocery and wellness products to flank our shelves, and as everyone gets more comfortable gathering in groups, more workshops, more events, and more community outreach projects,” Lacy said.

To shop small, owners Lacy and Park encourage everyone to stop by Twelvepole Trading Post on Saturday, Nov. 27, to celebrate the one-year anniversary as well as Small Business Saturday.

“We invite anyone who’s not been to our market to stop by and say hello, new vendors to come scope us out to see if we’re the right fit to showcase their craft or product, and our community who’s supported us so far, to come join us in celebration,” Lacy said. “There will be cake.”

The ultimate goal for Twelvepole Trading Post is, if nothing else, to serve as a catalyst in the community for development in a way that leaves a positive impression on people, Lacy said.

“We hope to see other small businesses reopen, more folks remembering to shop for goods and services locally before they outsource what they need. That these things matter because in doing so, each dollar spent here goes toward creating meaningful work in our community and a tax base that allows for more opportunities like libraries, parks and programs for our children. To those of you who know and do so already, we see you, we’re inspired by you, and we thank you!”

Lacy said anyone else looking for information about Twelvepole Trading Post should either send a message on social media, call the shop at 304-360-9809 or stop by the Trading Post “for a cup of really good coffee and a chat.”

Twelvepole Trading Post is located on U.S. 152 about 1/2 a mile south of Save-A-Lot in Wayne.

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